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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Third tay of travel - Skyline drive

We were staying in Yogi Bear campground in Luray, VA. Day was split between visiting Skyline Drive and playing at the pool, water slide etc.

Skyline Drive is 150+ mile road build nearly at the top of Appalachian mountains. When I read the description I first imagined "mountain road" - something like Mount Washington auto road - barely paved, narrow, with few tiny observation overlooks. Totally wrong expectation - Skyline drive offers great driving experience, stunning views from the road itself and plenty of large, well built viewpoints.
Access to the road is $10, but we were excused from the fee because power at cash register went off :)
We did not make all of 150 miles though - just 20 miles took us an hour and it was enough of sightseeing for the day.
We also took a park rangers advice and did a little hike - 0.7 mile downhill to a beautiful 70 ft waterfall and back up. While it is much cooler in the mountains - just about 75 degrees - walking almost a mile uphill was quite an exercise for most of us.
The rest of the day was spent relaxing with the campfire, swimming in the pool and taking turns on the water slide. Kids seem quite happy about activities offered at the campground.
BTW, campground also offers cable TV - but channel lineup is barely useful. Free WiFi is available within 50 ft from the office - campsites are clearly out of range. But if you do not mind going online from the park bench next to the office, signal quality is OK for surfing.

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