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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day nine - Mingo falls and tubing experience

Wednesday was spent in and around campground. Morning was even more cold and wet than a day before - barely 70 degrees. By now we have learned that just like Alaska, Smoky Mountains get much more rainfall than surrounding areas, and greens there form a rainforest. Trees (especially isolated ones) are covered by vines of all kinds, and mountains are green top to bottom, there is almost no bare rocks. So far we were lucky ans all rainfalls were at nights (each and every one, though). But it still feels wet and humidity is around 100%.
So, in the morning we decided to do a local hike - in 2 miles from our camp there are so called "Mingo falls" - one of many small waterfalls in the Smokies, so we just walked there directly from the campground. Road goes along the small river that campground is located on, so it is a nice walk. There was no sun, but I doubt sun ever reaches the road - it is completely hidden by the trees.
Waterfall itself is located on a small creek an is about 150 feet above the road - there is a staircase that covers 2/3 of the raise, and the rest is to be walked up by narrow, very wet and muddy trail. But waterfall is beautiful (Pictures will be published when we get back and/or I have time to sort them out and process them a little bit).
Afternoon was more dry, warm and sunny, and kids tryed to do some tubing inside the camp. We have quickly learned that Sonya is too small for the tubing (actually, for the tube - she simply slips through the hole rather than sits in it). So she was simply playing in the water while Peter tried to ride the tube. Unfortunately, "span" available for him to tube was too short, so not enough fun. Tanya tried to catch him once at the middle of the camp, about 100 yards below starting point, but apparently "finish line" was picked wrongly - they get out very disappointed and decided not to try it again.

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