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Alex Moiseyev photo and video

Friday, December 20, 2013

New Hampshire vacation video

Video from our summer trip to Lake Region of New Hampshire. Posting here since YouTube's paranoid content match blocked it on mobile devices as well as in... Antarctica (no kidding!)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter Sunrise

Winter this year started at about right time - we are getting nice and pretty white Christmas. This gallery contains fresh batch of photos taken early mornings after two snowstorms in a row.

Sonya's krafts - updated

Updated gallery with more recent pictures of Sonya's artworks.

Sonya. Sunday morning. Breakfast.

Photos taken at small session one Sunday morning.

Sonya trying on her halloween costume

Small gallery of photos taken couple of months ago in observance of Halloween

Folliage in Eastern Massachussets

Photos taken in Blue Hill reservation in October 2013. See more in this gallery.

Fall foliage in Blue Hill reservation

Kids at Houghton pond in Blue Hill reservation during fall foliage in October 2013.

Peter's first clarinet concert

Few days ago Peter and his classmates made their first public appearance with clarinets at Dale school band concert in Medfield high school auditorium. While one can not call it stellar performance and tunes were pretty basic, I was surprised how much progress kids made over course of two and a half months.

Full photo gallery can be seen at Peter clarinet concert

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sonya Gymnastics Showcase

Moved to a separate gallery photos from Sonya's Fitness Elite showcase in July.

Lake Region July 2013

After few months of procrastination, sorted out and uploaded photos from our summer trip to New Hampshire Lake Region in early July 2013.