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Friday, July 8, 2011

Sabbatical - first day of travel


 Firs day of our trip took us from our home in Medfield, MA through Connecticut and New York states to Pennsylvania, Clayton Park campground on lake Henry.
Driving 270 miles with the trailer on the hook was not that bad at all - we managed to get there in a bit under 6 hours, including half an hour stop for lunch. Route was next to trivial - Mass Pike to 84 and last 20 miles on local roads. The only issue was no cellular network around the target, so Google Maps would not be able to reroute or update the maps (lucky we, there was no need).  Highway driving at 60 mph was manageable, although some traffic passing by caused a little sway. Gas mileage was quite bad, though - just around 10 mpg, as opposed to 16 mpg without the trailer.
Clayton Park camp did not impress us much - while it is a large territory, it is mostly occupied by rental units and long-term staying campers, so there is finger-count of spots  for travelers like us.  Despite weekday, all (or almost all as far as I could tell) RV sites were filed. Other than that, location is reasonably quiet and clean. There was plenty of vacant tent sites as well. RV sites equipped with fire rings, picnic tables and gravel area for the trailer itself. Spots are not perfectly leveled, but trailer could be leveled with stabilizer jacks reasonably easy.
Park suited literally on a lake shore, having tiny beach with marked area where the kids could swim, and a boat launching ramp. Opposite side of the lake (somewhat 800 feet away) is densely filled by vacation houses, so we could see some fireworks (leftovers from 4th of July, I guess). BTW, fireworks are legal in Pennsylvania.
Anyways, place was OK for us for one night stay and recovery after first day of travel, but it did not look like I want to return there for longer stay.   Place has a small playground and a tiny swimming area in the lake - other than that, there is nothing for kids to do. Peter spent most of the evening riding his bike around the campground with his newly found friend. Lost in the woods once, but found his way back successfully and was not scared enough to stay on site after that.

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