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Friday, July 8, 2011

Day two - Luray Yogi Bear campground

Driving from Clayton Park, PA, to Yogi Bear Campground in Luray, VA.
Second day of trip was a little heavier on driving side - around 300 miles. While most of the driving was along I-81, there were two quite difficult pieces at the very beginning and at the end of the day - long and steep inclines, that I could not make faster than 20 mph. Other than that, driving was easy - we have crossed Pennsylvania, small strips of Maryland and West Virginia and large part of Virginia. Speed limit in WV and VA is 70 and it makes sense, because road quality is great.
Campground we are staying in is advertised as "camp-resort" and it indeed meant to be a children paradise. It has 2 pools (for adults and for kids), tiny splashing pool for toddlers, huge water slide that even adults do enjoy (slide is $17 per person for the length of stay) and huge air-filled pillows to jump on. Plus very large activity field, mini-golf, snack bar with soft ice cream and arcade games. There is also "fishing pond" with few small catamarans and paddle boats, but I doubt there is any fish in there.
Camping area is huge - I could not imagine from the map and description how large this campground is. We have arrived on Tuesday, so half or more sites are vacant, and lines at activities are short - but on the weekends it may be crowded I guess.
Sites and facilities are well maintained and clean, RV pads are leveled and some of them have raised and leveled concrete pads - nice convenience in case of a rain, because rain water does not run away easily (soil is pretty rocky and does not absorb water quick).
We are staying here for two days, so kids will have plenty of time to entertain themselves, which they are pretty happy about.

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