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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Days thirteen and fourteen – from Great Smokies to Orlando, Florida.

7/17/2011 – 7/18/2011
Blending two days together, and keeping long story short, we have left Cherokee and drove 600 miles south-west through North Carolina, Georgia and part of Florida to Claremont, which is 6 miles west from Disney World Orlando.
Road was not that difficult (or my skills handling trailer on the road improve) – I was mostly keeping highway speed at ~65 mph, which decreased number of big trucks passing us. Road quality is rather good, speed limit is 70, terrain is mostly flat – all in all, life is good. The only rough spot was going around Atlanta, GA – road looks like it in permanent construction and it is 6 lanes at times with some left exits – yuck, it is not nice to cross 6 lanes to exit left with the trailer.
Overnight we have stopped at Cordelle KOA, about 70 miles south of Atlanta. First thing there, it is dry – after high humidity of Smoky Mountains, it was a relief. Kampground itself is well kept, sites are large and level, location is very convenient for overnight stay – it is half-mile off I-75, close enough to get off and on the highway and far enough to keep noise low. And, most of the sites have big trees on them, providing some shade (and they have wi-fi available on all sites close to the office, which is probably half of the kampground). So, I would call it nearly perfect for overnight stay. For longer stay it may be not that good – there is very small playground and small pool and absolutely nothing else to do in or around the kampground.


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