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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day twelve - hiking waterfalls

There are many waterfalls in Great Smokies, but our ability to visit them was restricted by accessibility - most require 5+ miles hike just to get there. So we had to pick ones that were easiest to go get to.
30 moles from Cherokee there is a tiny town called "Brison City". At it northern end there is an alternative entrance to Smoky Mountains National park, and Deep Creek Campground, that starts system of horsse, hiking, biking and tubing trails.
Trail that we have picked is about 3 miles hike connecting three waterfalls - probably most complex hike our team could handle. Weather was not too bad (especially comparing to previous days) but still pretty hot and very humid. We did get to all three waterfalls (pictures to-be-uploaded). To give credits to the park rangers: not only trails are well marked, they are arranged in a way that end of the hike is an easiest part (trail map and guide available at the parking lot for $1).
Last mile of the hike goes alokg deep creek itself, which is rather small river, actively used for tubing (there was two or three tube rentals at the entrance of the national park, plus deep creek campground has its own rental. Watching people tubing down fast river was quite interesting, so we slowed down quite a bit there.
On a separate note, Brison City has cople of features on its own - nice local dark beer and some local fruits and vegetables. Farm markets offer vine ripened tomatoes and they do mean it - they were ready to eat when they were picked.

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