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Wednesday, September 25, 2013 is up and running using new Smugmug engine

When rolled out its change from a great hosting engine to even better one, I was quite skeptical - you know, don't fix what isn't broken, don't run from good to better and so on.
I was right to a high degree - even though new customisation features supposed to be more powerful and make site design and maintenance significantly easier, at the very least all customizations and tune-ups I have made to my site based on old engine immediately stopped working.
After initial frustration has worn out, I decided to give new engine a try. Surprisingly enough, restoring most of original appearance and behavior was not as difficult as initial implementation of the site - I do not know if it because of my accumulated experience or new engine is indeed easier to tune.
Of course, few nice customizations solely depending on javascript were gone irreversibly, because new site does not allow custom scripts. But some of new features, like ability to integrate feeds and place custom html widgets nearly made it up.
So, after few evenings of busy work I was finally able to turn the switch and let new version of my site to go wild - enjoy.

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