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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day sixteen - Blizzard beach


Very tired from long day in Magic Kingdom, we have decided to choose more relaxing park and took off for one of the water parks. There are two water parks in Disney World, and we ended up in Blizzard beach simply it was first one we noticed on a road sign. In all respects we have gotten much better experience than in Magic Kingdom.
From the very beginning: park is much smaller and parking is small enough so you can just walk to the gate. There is no bag search at the gate and nearly no restriction regarding what you can bring with you - we saw people pulling large wheeled cooler.
Park itself has a large pool with generated 2-3 feet waves - not enough to make playing in the water difficult, but quite enough for kids not to get bored. Surroundings and most of the rides imitate ski resort, nicely contrasting with 96 degrees in a shade.
There is much less rides than in other parks, but lanes on most are short which makes them quite accessible. One that we liked most was advertised as "longest raft slide in the world" - they put whole family in one large round raft and send it down long curvy open slide - indeed, unusually long.

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